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Located on the corner of Bowery and Kenmare, Openhouse Bowery sits on one of the busiest thoroughfares in downtown New York so there is no shortage of foot traffic. It’s also just down the street from the Nolitan Hotel, Ken & Cook and the New Museum. Full restaurant-grade kitchen and catering facilities are available. The space is ideal for cooking classes and chef demonstrations or for use as a catering hall.


Openhouse Bowery’s extensive wrap-around facade gives you tons of flexibility with branded decals, high-visibility showcases and never-ending sunlight.


Inside Bowery is 2,000 square feet of beautiful, edgy space. We turned an old subway easement into the perfect rustic space for pop up dinners, cocktails and influencer events.


Openhouse hired Brooklyn-based Tri-Lox to craft a kitchen from scratch – with wood from a reclaimed bowling alley and rooftop water towers. Doesn’t get any more downtown than that.