Openhouse to Launch 3DEA Holiday 3D Printing Pop Up Store With Shapeways, Ultimaker, UP! at Eventi Hotel

With shopping’s relentless migration online, retail storefronts are increasingly becoming necessity-only Duane Reades or high-end fashion boutiques. There will always be bars and restaurants, thank goodness! But what about the fabric of cities as more and more shops go to the Web? We see 3D printing as a new fundamental for not just for personal manufacturing, but retail too. Imagine a corner store where you can print chairs, doorknobs, espresso cups, toys and more. Replacement parts for cars, new headphones, custom halloween masks, shoes and accessories. Where you can buy and test out printers and software, too.


Thursday Nov. 29, we launch 3DEA, the monthlong holiday 3D printing pop up where we aim to deliver the precursor of the future store. In partnership with Shapeways, Ultimaker and UP! and sponsored by the Eventi Hotel, 3DEA is free and open to the public through December 27. 3DEA features an Inventor Bar, Customization Center, DIY Hub, Body Scanning, classes, lectures, and a whole section for children. At 3DEA, you can customize, invent and replicate products with the help of expert consultants. You’ll be able to browse home printers from Ultimaker and UP!, order holiday gifts through and learn the ropes of the manufacturing revolution. 3D printing is nothing short of teleportaton: If you can think it, you can make it here.


3DEA is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-7pm and Sunday from 11am-6pm at the Eventi Hotel on the corner of 29th St. and 6th Ave. To explore everything the pop up has to offer, visit




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