632 Broadway – Masterpiece on Broadway

632 Broadway offers a 25 foot glass frontage and 23,000 square feet across four levels.  Located in Noho just 1 block above Houston, this space sits on one of the busiest blocks in the area. If you’re looking for a large space with plenty of foot traffic, look no further than 632 Broadway.

Foot Traffic

Located on street level near the famous intersection that splits Soho and Noho. With a 25' glass front and prime location receiving over 100k in foot traffic daily, you can showcase your company or event in style and be sure that it is seen.

Large Space

Large Space
With over 23,000 square feet across 4 levels, this space offers you plenty of room to design a killer pop-up. From pop-up museums, retail shops or even performances, this space offers you plenty of options for your event.


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