Acid Inc. Wine Tasting

Considering the wine shortage happening in the world right now it’s safe to assume most of you are contributing to this by drinking your fair share. No judgement from us!

David Weitzenhoffer and Laura Supper, the creators of Acid Inc. Selections, a wine distributing company, understand your love of wine. Having spent most of their of their lives in the restaurant business, they just wanted to work with the good wine and good people. This began their journey into the wine industry.

Wanting to showcase some new wines, Acid Inc. is hosting a wine tasting event at Openhouse’s 201 Mulberry location on Tuesday March 18th from 10AM until 5PM.

As a company, they work to find wines that are balanced in flavor. Where the wine comes from is also quite important to them. Many of the their wine producers are organic and biodynamic, but all of the people they work with are truly committed to their vineyards as caretakers of the land they work.

If you are curious about their name, Acid Inc., it’s all about their belief that acidity is an extremely important part of wine. Prior to the 1990’s, farming methods led to thin, unappealing flavors of wine. Once the 90’s rolled around, people had learned about crop thinning and on top of that, global increase in temperature basically eliminated thin wines. This lead to wines that lacked focus, were broad on the palate, high in alcohol and so rich that it was difficult to finish a bottle. Acid Inc. seeks a balance between these wines, with acidity being an important component of this. It allows the wine to age longer, adds freshness and makes the wine pair deliciously with food.

Pour us a glass please!

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