A Cheesy Success!

Photo: Time Out New York

The grilled cheese masters have come and gone and The Big Cheesy winner has been crowned. The champs, 5oz. Factory, wowed hundreds of people with their rendition of a grilled cheese, which was filled with smoked provolone, brie, chive havarti, smothered in horseradish pesto and topped with fresh basil, mushroom and asparagus. The sandwich dubbed ‘The Meltdown’ was little bit everything you’d expect the best of the best to be. It was warm, gooey, zesty and jam packed full of flavor. Congrats!


Honorable mention must go to the folks at Van Horn who came in at second place. Their tasty sandwich was made up of pimento cheese & smoked mushrooms on sourdough. This sandwich was a little more of a traditional grilled cheese sandwich, but also distinct thanks to the spicy kick of the pimento cheese.


We want to thank all of the restaurants who participated in The Big Cheesy, as well as all the people who came down and made the event such a success!


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