I Forgot It’s Wednesday Supperclub

Wednesdays- You’re halfway to Friday, but sometimes it just doesn’t feel close enough. That’s how the folks behind the I Forgot It’s Wednesday supperclub feel too. To remedy the mid-week slump, they started the dinners, giving people a way to let go a little during the workweek.

The supperclub is popping up at the Bowery Station on Wednesday (duh) April 16th, starting at 6:00PM with a cocktail hour. The five course tasting menu will be served beginning 7:30PM and the after hours soiree will begin at 11:00PM. Often we’re so focused on work during the week that we don’t give ourselves time to connect with people and have some fun! This lead them to finding the name of their supperclub. They hope their guests are so absorbed in their dinner and conversations they “forget it’s Wednesday”. Sounds like the perfect way to spend hump day to us!

The I Forgot It’s Wednesday team opened their dinners to the public in February. If you’re interested in learning more and being part of the IFIW community, you can sign up for their newsletter and “like” them on Facebook!

Click HERE for tickets
April 16th-17th, 6:00PM-2:00AM
The Bowery Station
168 Bowery+Kenmare
5 Course Tasting Menu(Entry to Themed Soiree is also included)-$75
Themed Soiree Only- $15

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