We are New York’s full-service pop up team delivering all-white pop up-ready spaces for short-term projects. Openhouse has more than 17 years of real estate experience and we’ve made our locations perfect for product launches, press previews, art exhibits, private parties, photo shoots, fashion shows, pop ups and any other build out you can imagine. Each space also comes with onsite management, a media team, natural foot traffic and an audience of more than 20,000 fans. Explore our spaces below.



    • 4,500 square feet
    • 20-foot glass retail facade
    • 16-foot ceilings
    • Five massive skylights
    • Track lighting


  • 1,500 SF Event Space
  • 500 SF Kitchen
  • 13-foot ceilings
  • Restaurant-grade kitchen
  • High Foot Traffic
  • Retail facade
  • WiFi
  • Wireless climate control
  • Track lighting
Midtown West Event Space

Midtown West Event Space

  • 6,775 square feet
  • 10×10 rollup garage door
  • Loft ceilings
  • In-house Audio Visual
  • Drive-in access
  • Concrete Floors
  • Renovated restrooms
  • 500 person capacity
  • High Speed Internet
  • Live Streaming Capabilities
  • House Lighting on Custom Truss
  • Back of house space for prep and storage
Central Midtown Manhattan Event Space

Central Midtown Manhattan Event Space

  • 35,323 sq. ft.—upper level
  • 5,796 sq. ft.—lower level
  • 22-foot center ceilings—upper floor
  • 18-foot center ceilings—lower floor
  • Space for 100+ exhibit booths
  • Electrical access in floor ports, columns, overhead and walls
Chelsea Photography Studio and Event Space

Chelsea Photography Studio and Event Space

  • Studio 1– 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 140
  • 22′ ceilings, cyc (26′ wide, 26’deep, 19′ high), 2 skylights,
  • distressed cement floor and blackout capability


  • Studio 2– 1,400 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 85
  • 14′ ceilings, cyc (17′ wide, 20′ deep, 14′ high),
  • southern exposure daylight and wood floors


  • Studio 3– 4,500 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 350
  • 15′ ceilings, cyc (26′ wide, 26′ deep, 15′ high), street access drive-in capability,
  • 2 large garage doors, 8 bathrooms, water-shoot friendly and distressed cement floors


  • ALL studios come equipped with a 24″ iMac computer and WiFi.
  • Load-in: Ground level load in and drive-in capable.
  • Basic sound system.
  • House lights on dimmers.
  • Vendors: All vendors welcome.
Meatpacking District Retail Pop Up

Meatpacking District Retail Pop Up

  • 8,413 SF – ground floor space
  • Spilt-level footprint
  • 75 linear feet of oversized glass frontage
  • Lofty ceiling heights (17′ 6″)
  • High pedestrian foot traffic
  • 1,200 amps of power
  • Two toilets
  • Loading dock
  • Wi-fi ready (30/20 Connection)
(Le) Poisson Rouge: Greenwich Village Music Venue & Event Space

(Le) Poisson Rouge: Greenwich Village Music Venue & Event Space

  • 10,000 sq. ft.
  • WiFi
  • Furnished Green Room with en suite restroom
  • Yamaha S6B 7’ concert grand piano
  • Elevated VIP Box
  • 2 private entrances
  • Full catering kitchen and planning services
  • Main Room Capacity: 700
  • Gallery Bar Capacity: 138
  • Flow between both rooms
  • State-of-the-art programming and superb acoustic capabilities
Midtown Photography Studio & Event Space

Midtown Photography Studio & Event Space

  • 4,500 SF main space / 1,000 SF mezzanine level
  • 17 ft ceiling height, 16 ft to beam
  • Ground floor entrance
  • Steel and glass garage entrance
  • Sound system with DJ or iPod hook-up
  • Prep kitchen
  • 300 amps, 3 phase
  • Access to in-house furniture inventory
  • High-speed Wifi
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New York’s first pop-up location: Openhouse is the original New York pop-up location because we believe in collaboration and co-creation. Real estate without vibrant tenants is the rust belt. An event without audience involvement is a bunch of mean-muggers. A brand without emotional attachment is unrequited love. Openhouse’s pop up space is geared to maximize participation so that our fans remember spending quality time with your brand. It’s the beautiful win-win of having our own pop-up location – and we’d like to share this pop-up space with you. Pop ups are not a trend. They’re not even trendy. Pop ups are a classic blend of advertising, experiential marketing and social engagement. Bring your audience a once-in-a-lifetime experience, wrap them in branded info, let them meet the people behind the product. That’s unmatched community engagement, and Openhouse is your permanent ally. Want to be the highlight of a New Yorker’s day? Build her a beautiful pop up. Need to coax influential magazine journalists out of their cubicles? Invite them to an intimate pop up parlor. Interested in driving immediate product sales? Openhouse is your vehicle for breathtaking pop-up stores that blow old-school retail’s dusty shelves off their rusty hinges. See how Sephora turned Openhouse into a beautiful New York pop-up lounge. Or how JC Penney invited stylish New Yorkers to preview their upcoming fashion lines.

We know locals can be blase about New York events, but they don’t ignore an Openhouse pop up. For instance, we teamed up with Quiksilver to create 201 Mulberry Skate Park, an eight-day pop-up space. Suddenly, in the heart of Nolita, New Yorkers were riding a skate ramp built by professionals. We worked out the legal codes, the waivers, the spatial reasoning; Quiksilver got the ramp built and fans got free rides from morning till evening. The pop-up location included a pop-up retail space to sell boarding gear, a late-night art show and a skate competition with great Apple prizes. Talk about a New York pop up! There it was for a week, and then it was gone like Keyser Soze down Mulberry Street with a slight limp from ramp burn. The memories, the branded pictures, the original video series remain.

Another Openhouse original pop up was our 2010 World Cup experience. This New York pop-up location had stadium seating for 70 fans, a cantina, concession stand, training ground with NY Red Bulls players who provided individual soccer instruction and a pop-up retail space. For more than a month, 201 Mulberry was the home to crazed (in a good way) fans sporting jerseys of every color. That was the goal.

Pop ups create meaning in different ways for different players. Attendees of a Nolita pop-up space / Soho pop-up space love to be entertained. Real estate owners of a Nolita pop-up location / Soho pop-up location love making sure they can pay their bills. Brands who work with a Nolita pop-up retail space / Soho pop-up retail space love being able to secure square feet without having to shell out for a yearly lease. The neighborhood, meanwhile, loves a Nolita pop-up / Soho pop-up because it introduces an ever-changing pop-up retail location to the area. Big-city vibrancy relies on the constant flow of people, culture and trends, and that’s what Openhouse brings to the block.

Openhouse: Trusted by top global clients, surprising affordability