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The Best Way to Store Your Herb

Back in September, Ed Kilduff filmed a video at our pop-up store on Bowery all about a new product he co-founded. That product would be EVAK, the world’s first glass food storage system. EVAK is all about keeping your food fresher for longer, while keeping you away from the nasties found in plastic containers. It’s […]

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Subodh Gupta’s Celebration at The Bowery Station

Artist Subodh Gupta is hosting a dinner at The Bowery Station every night this week until Sunday, November 17th. Gupta’s commissioned performance seeks to highlight the link between feast and celebration. This occasion brings diverse groups of people together through the art of good food. Celebration pulls from religious practices, regional festivals and family meals to […]

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Rekorderlig Cider Launch

Rekorderlig Cider is finally available in the US following a launch party hosted by Openhouse Gallery. The event was hosted from October 23rd to the 24th at our Bowery space.   To get you a little acquainted with the hard cider, it was first created in 1999 with a spring water source in Europe, which […]

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FlyKly’s Smart Wheel

Back in the summer of 2011, FlyKly successfully launched their company following a highly publicized two week-long pop-up shop at Openhouse Gallery. Today, they’re launching their next hot product, Smart Wheel, and its looking like it’s going to change your biking experience for good.   Smart Wheel is a fully integrated snap-on motor that clicks on to your bike […]

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