3Dea’s Top Five: Printing 3D Organs, The Best Of 2012’s 3D Printers And 3D Printed Cookie Cutters

3D Printing People
Well, not quite people. But a team at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is exploring ways to 3D print a kidney. Autodesk, a design and engineering firm, has teamed up with Organovo Holdings, which makes 3D human tissue for research and therapeutics, and are working on designing functional 3D human body parts. It’s sort of like the reverse of zombies, if you think about it. PSFK – Emma Hutchings

3D Printing at CES
Forbes has named 3D printing a major trend to watch at this year’s International CES, an annual technology trade show that takes place in Las Vegas – this year from January 8 to 11. Forbes pointed to 3D printing’s wide range of uses – from applications in aviation to use in medicine – as part of its importance, as well as its potential for growth in consumer markets. Forbes – Kumu Puri

A Guide to the Best 3D Printers Out There
By now, you must be familiar with all the best-of lists that crop up at the end of the year. Best albums. Best new restaurants. Best Youtube videos. But here’s a new one – best 3D printers. Design World has put together a list of the best professional 3D printers out there. Warning: it gets technical. Design World – Leslie Langnau

Anything But Cookie-Cutter
Bake sales – long the forte of talented PTA moms and otherwise good bakers. There are some classics that spring to mind – chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, maybe some lemon squares if you were lucky. Here’s a new take on the mundane – 3D printed cookie cutters that create confections in adorable forms. There’s Pikachu, Charmander, My Little Ponies…the list goes on. Technabob – Hazel Chua

Kids Love 3D Printing
The tastes of children change often, but are important to keep up with if you’re in the business of pretty much anything. Children are the future, after all, and apparently they love 3D printing. Melanie Shreffler visited us at 3DEA and spoke to some teenagers who were at the pop-up with their class at the Young Women’s Leadership School. MediaPost – Melanie Shreffler

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