Tea By Tiffany’s Afternoon Tea at Park Here

Afternoon Tea @ The Park | Tuesday January 24 | 1-5pm
Afternoon tea is a delightful tradition born in England that died out around the Industrial Revolution. Once coffee started kickstarting the day and workers were expected to hit the factory from dawn til dusk, afternoon teas fell to the wayside. Well guess what? We’re bringing it back for a one-time-only Park Here exclusive. On Tuesday, January 24, Tea by Tiffany is bringing the party to Openhouse with four exquisite organic teas, a selection of sandwiches, biscuits, scones, petit fours and graceful service. The Afternoon Tea at the Pop-Up Park runs from 1 pm to 5 pm and will be a beautiful chance for you to leave the entire city behind for some good company and herbalicious tea.

To secure your spot at the bistro tables, open this door, Alice.


Greg Spielberg | January 17 2012
greg@openhousegallery.org | 212.334.0288

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