Pianos key in on New York City for month-long pop up
Remember the painted cows that stampeded through cities across America last decade? Pretty, but not too useful. Starting June 18, 88 pianos are popping up across New York City thanks to Sing For Hope, a group that mobilizes artists to get art to the public. Volunteers have carte blanche in painting the pianos, and we get to practice our Chopsticks all night long. Read more | Angela Wang of The Epoch Times

Big Pop Up spreads the word about international pop ups. Joe Mahon's Burger Parlor is inside Rialto cafe in CaliJoe Mahon’s Burger Parlor pops up in Rialto café
Turduken is the name for chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey (and then stuffed inside your belly). Burger Parlor is a new Orange County CA spot that’s stuffed inside Rialto, a pretty café on Wilshire Ave. Chef Joe Mahon calls his creations Hand Burgers (clever, clever), and they are very creative. The Dutch is served on an English muffin with parmesan cheese; the Chip Shot has fontina cheese, potato chips, tomato confit, mushroom and arugula.; The Staten Island is a meatball burger with provolone, tomato sauce and a line of pissed Italians who say Mahon is reducing their entire Jersey Shore culture to three ingredients. Turduken hand burger coming soon from a turkey near you. Read more | Nancy Luna of The Orange County Register. [photo]

Big Pop Up spreads the word about international pop ups. Tommy Hilfiger's workers are moving the Hamptons house around the world

Tommy Hilfiger’s house pops up in Los Angeles
“Capsule collection” is the vague, trendy term for what? Doesn’t matter, but it’s hotter than Hansel right now. Tommy Hilfiger is taking his preppy collection of clothes across the world in a Hamptons-style house. First stop was in front of the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City. Last stop will no doubt be somewhere in the Hamptons or maybe a Virgin Galactic space capsule to outer space.  Read more | Adam Tschorn of Los Angeles Times. [photo]


Jewish fine dining pops up in Nolita
Fine Jewish food? Sounds like a dibcha! But it’s no joke – just innovative fusion by Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone who are serving a 10-course $180 pop-up dinner at 248 Mulberry St. Read more | Amanda Kludt of Eater

Those flying saucers just won’t stop popping up
The Associated Press is reporting that a Canadian destroyer saw two saucers flying the friendly skies in the Far East. Never counted on a boat to see for me before, but the pop-up saucers were spotted by a human too. Kosuke Miyazaki says he “saw a greenish-white thing with a tail flying through the sky Friday night.” Read more | Associated Press, 1952

Greg Spielberg | June 10 2011

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