BIG POP UP presents: Free FlyKly joy rides! And, The Shaved Ice Shop’s latest creations

Vespas and mopeds are cool … except for the gas-guzzling engine, the insurance, registration, helmets, the fact that you can’t park on the sidewalk or chain them to trees. The list goes on. But it stops with the FlyKly.

NY-based startup FlyKly is bringing Vespa style to the electric bicycle with its fleet of two-wheelers that don’t need a drop of gas. Ever. No gas, no gas-smelling hands, no greasy legs, no waiting on line for the petrol. The FlyKly runs on electricity – 40 miles per charge and 1,000 miles for $1. It’s like having an unlimited MetroCard in your pocket and a Gypsy cab at your beck and call.

FlyKly electric bicycles are featured at BIG POP UP on 19 Kenmare + Elizabeth streets in Nolita

To explore the city on a FlyKly, there’s no gas required. Just take out the battery and plug into a household electrical outlet.

The FlyKly fleet is designed in Japan and legal as a bicycle in the United States. That means you can zip along the sidewalk and the street, the bike lane or the board walk (where they allow bikes, of course). The battery is hidden under the FlyKly seat so when you need to charge, simply remove and plug into the wall. Check out the video to learn more.

Come joy ride the FlyKly at BIG POP UP. Located at 19 Kenmare + Elizabeth in Nolita, BIG POP UP is open daily from noon to 10 pm through July, and the FlyKly team will give you the details and the keys. Come on down! To set up a specific time, contact Eric Bruenner of the FlyKly team at

Shaved Ice Shop featured at BIG POP UP, an OPENHOUSE GALLERY space

The Shaved Ice Shop is popping up at BIG POP UP on 19 Kenmare + Elizabeth in Nolita.

While down at BIG POP UP, taste the delicious creations of Cameron Yiu. Owner and chef of The Shaved Ice Shop, Cameron pops up at Hester Street Fair on Saturdays and will be at BIG POP UP today, June 26, from right now through 10 pm. He’s staying through Wednesday June 29 and will be open from 6 pm to 10 pm. The Shaved Ice Shop will be back July 4 through July 6 serving refreshing treats with fresh fruit and savory toppings.

Want more info? Contact Greg Spielberg or 207.522.6715




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