Bowery Party Space

Openhouse Gallery’s Bowery location can easily be transformed into the location for your next private party. Parities can easily be accommodated inside Bowery’s 2,000 square foot space. It includes a fully functional kitchen with state of the art equipment, making serving your private party food and drinks that much simpler, whether you’ll be cooking the food yourself or you plan on hiring a catering company. The Bowery location has a wrap-around façade, which offers your party endless sunlight until it’s the moons time to appear.

Bowery has been transformed into art galleries, clothing stores, cafés, restaurants and dinner party spaces. So, whether it’s a laid back, intimate party, a chic cocktail party, or the type of party where guests just can’t stop dancing, we will make your party the best party ever. The Openhouse Bowery space has something for every type of party, so bring your ideas on over.

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