Bowery’s the Spot for Classes

The 168 Bowery space is an intimate setting that’s great for classes, whether it be for cooking or wreath making or something completely new and unique. The Bowery space has a full restaurant grade kitchen, making it perfect for any cooking class type event. That side of the space has seating for about 30 people on wooden tables and the bar.

Leti Salama, a chef who has instructed hundreds of students in the unique traditions of Spanish cooking, is a fan of the Bowery space. With the open atmosphere of Bowery’s café, Salama was able to set up the perfect spot to instruct her students in making fully fledged three course meals.

The fully functional kitchen has state of the art equipment that allowed for effortless demonstrations. All kitchen appliances, along with the inventory (which includes mixing bowls, plates, and utensils etc), are included with the space, making it really easy to plan cooking events with minimum hassle. The space also comes with large wooden tables and benches to seat up to 28 people.

Food52 used the Bowery space for a holiday twist on classes. They hosted their Holiday Market at the Bowery space in December 2013 and 2014, including workshops and classes so folks could learn how to make wreaths, wrap gifts like a pro, create cocktails, bake breakfast buns etc. With Bowery’s event side and café side, it was easy to keep everything organized between the shop portion of their event and the space where classes were being held. The wooden benches and tables created the perfect place to set up everything needed for the classes and it made it easy for everyone to follow along.

Being that both events were public, we worked with the clients to promote their events through our social media channels. Spreading the word to our 11,000 Facebook followers and 9,000 Twitter followers was a great plus. With a little help from the Openhouse team, tickets to both these events sold out!

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