Cadillac + Bose

This is for all you out there that love to turn up the tunes while you’re driving around town. On Thursday, February 27th, Cadillac will be teaming up with Bose, who are known for their noise-canceling headsets and automotive sound systems, to showcase the most advanced in-car audio system, which the 2015 Escalade comes equipped with.

The night will feature an interactive display hosted by DJ Hesta Prynn. Guests will also be able to experience the quality of the 2015 Escalade’s sound system at Openhouse‘s 201 Mulberry space through music playing from inside the actual vehicle. Both Cadillac and Bose will have experts regarding the sound system and the 2015 Escalade on hand for any interviews or questions.

One response to “Cadillac + Bose”

  1. Charlesbox says:

    Awesome! Is this event invite only or would it be open to the public?

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