Carlos Cruz of SVA’s Visible Futures Lab joins 3DEA Advisory Team for Next Top Makers Challenge

Carlos Cruz has been part of the 3DEA team since we opened in late November. Now he’s on the 3DEA Advisory Team, too. 3AT (THREAT) is the pop up committee we put together to help innovative New Yorkers apply to, and win, the Next Top Makers Challenge. (Read all about it on our blog and on Wired.) Cruz is a veteran maker and industrial designer and helps run the School of Visual Arts’ Visible Futures Lab. The lab is geared toward SVA’s new two-year Products of Design graduate program that kicked off in September. Part design studio, part hacker space, the Visible Futures Lab runs the gamut from 3D printing (MakerBot Replicator 1, two Replicator 2s) to woodworking, and so does Cruz. He’s worked with an NYC startup SA Baxter making custom door handles and hardware. “Fancy doorknobs,” he says. Cruz has been 3D printing since 2006 when he went out to Minnesota to work on medical equipment with 3D-giant Stratysys. Since then, Cruz has developed an expertise in CAD on SolidWorks, 3D Studio Max, Rhino, Arduino, open source projects, laser cutting and CNC. Explore Carlos’ work, shoot him an email at or come by 3DEA. To set up a 3AT consultation, email

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