tumblr_nmlf870V7t1qm68wio1_500Openhouse’s 201 Mulberry space is an all-white venue that provides a location for a broad range of events. Although Openhouse hosts all different types of events, art exhibitions and food events are some of our favorites. Recently, Vins de Corsica came to us with their plan to hold a collaborative wine and art exhibition, combining both types into one lovely happening. We were quick to meet with the artist Gabriela Bravo Clavello and the photographer Aaron Zebrook to show them around Mulberry and point out all the details within the space that would make their exhibit a success. The one-of-a-kind event series, ‘Being’ By Wines of Corsica, was held from April 8-11, 2015.

Mulberry’s walls are all lined with a gallery hanging system that made it easy for their heavy pieces to be hung with ease. As an important part of their exhibit, they also required a piece to hang from the ceiling, and that’s the kind of request we’re happy to think outside the box to accommodate. The spot beneath the large skylight in the main room was the perfect place to hang their centerpiece.tumblr_nmji24J13m1qm68wio1_500

After filling the space with paintings and photographs, the doors opened and the first night sold out fast.

The event also required large amounts of wine to be stored, but Mulberry has excellent back-of-house space for that. It needed to be both secure and neatly out of the way but also easily accessible. Other logistics were planned in advance by our team- with all the drinking and eating came lots of refuse and so we made sure that there was garbage pick-up nightly, and our cleaning services kept the white floors and bathrooms spotless.

Wines of Corsica’s event was covered by various press and blogs and it was clear that they enjoyed the exhibition. Plenty of people tagged Openhouse on Twitter and Instagram while attending the wine and art event, posting about the endless wine and beautiful art.

We were available for the client anytime they needed anything like a wrench, measuring tape, bar structure, drape and pole, etc. We understand what it takes to create successful events and we wanted to ensure that the ‘Being’ exhibit was just that.