Openhouse venues are great spots for startup launches. Our spaces are blank canvases that can quickly easily be transformed to work with your brand’s image. They are also equipped with features that are included with the space, such as gallery hanging systems, wireless sound systems, track lighting, and wifi- everything you need, included as standard.20141119-Caeden_Launch-3

Earlier this year Caeden, a brand that designs headphones and earphones, held their startup launch party at 201 Mulberry. The brand’s products are clean, sleek, and modern looking, so they wanted a space that mirrored that feel. Caeden didn’t have do too much to the space to make it work for them. Keeping the venue design minimal also helped keep the focus where they needed it to be- on the products.

Mulberry is on the ground floor with a 20′ glass facade. For Caeden, a startup just launching, this was great opportunity to get the brand seen by tens of thousands of New Yorkers. They were able to put decals of the brand name on the window, as well as showcase the headphones so that everyone who walked by would see them, even though the event itself was a private party. About 10,000-20,000 people walk by Mulberry every weekday and that figure jumps to between 20,000 and 40,000 on the weekends.20141119-Caeden_Launch-4

The startup launch party was cocktail style, with a DJ for some tunes. Mulberry is equipped with wireless Sonos speakers throughout the space, ensuring the excellent sound quality a headphone company needed to fill their launch party space.

Since it was a large party with alcohol being served, Openhouse hired a few security guards to keep any problems from arising. Using our regular partner company makes sure there are no security problems- we know them and trust them, and they know the venues. Of course, we also had an on-site manager present during the whole event to answer any questions the client had and help solve any problems that might have arisen, but Caeden’s launch was as smooth and sleek as a pair of their headphones.