Poppin’ Ain’t Easy: A look at the defunct Collective Hardware artist pop up

Collective Hardware used to run a pop-up co-opt from a former hardware store on 169 Bowery. They opened their space to artists, monster-costume makers, fashion boutiques, not-for-profits and not-making-profits. Even the roof of the five-story space was communal, housing a large garden with beautiful vegetables. “I can give an unknown artist an opportunity to show in a place that consistently … Read More

Patrick Proctor’s Sine Waves Hit Openhouse

The organ-like tune that blanketed guests in a sea of calm was actually a slow mix of 100% pure sine waves. 100% definite this was the first time a tidal wave of sines hit Openhouse Gallery.

Red Bull TV covers Foundation World’s Japanese relief pop up at openhouse

In April, Foundation World teamed up with Openhouse to raise money for Japanese earthquake relief efforts. Foundation World connects New York and Tokyo artists and creators and filled Openhouse with original art for a silent auction. Red Bull TV came down to cover the event and interviewed Yuko and Tanya Arawaka, two of the organizers for Foundation World’s Project 311 … Read More