Motorola’s Windy Day

Our all white space on Mulberry housed part show, part interactive performance piece hosted by Motorola to promote the new Moto X phone, with the help performers from Upright Citizens Brigade and local artists. From October 25th until the 27th, they recreated any experience that attendees chose to share into drawn artistic masterpieces! During the […]

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3DEA Holiday 3D Pop Up Store Launch Party in the Heart of New York City

The citizens of New York City were buzzing. The anticipation was building. Finally, the monthlong 3DEA Holiday 3D Pop Up Store opened its doors to the public on Thursday, November 29th. Openhouse Gallery, Shapeways, Ultimaker, Up! and Fatboy hosted the 3DEA Launch Party at the Eventi Hotel. As hordes of designers, artists, friends in the […]

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