CNET Gotham 11/9-11/13: Nerd Nite speed dating, photo tours, app lessons, editors’ holiday guide, parties, pick a tablet!

Holy tech, Batman! CNET is taking over Nolita next week with CNET Gotham, a holiday pop up that channels all the smarts of the digital guide into the real world. Say goodbye to the old CNET, lying flat on a computer screen.  Say hi to new CNET, fresh out the cell phone booth and coming faster than a speeding bit into the pop up world. They’re hosting buying guides to parse the slew of tech products, blogger discussions, photo and editing tips, presentations by CNET editors, daily giveaways, raffles, speed dating, Nerd Nite and even a pair of food trucks. Plus, they’ll teach you how to make the world’s greatest Xmas card.

CNET Gotham runs from Wednesday 11/9-Sunday 11/13 and is open daily from 11 am-7 pm. Entry is FREE, FREE, CHRIS ANDERSON FREE. Mark your Android, iPhone, KindleFire calendar, take note, read the pop up notes and decide when you want to come. Highlights include:

Meet the CNET Editors: Just like we now know teachers don’t live at school, social media’s taught us journalists are people too! Sharp people with a penchant for puns, foreign films and the correct use of apostrophes. Come hang out with CNET Reviews Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Turrentine, car czar Brian Cooley, smartphone specialist Molly Wood, inspectress gadget Sharon Vaknin and the hosts of 404 podcast. Learn more in a few minutes with real, live talk hat you could sifting through the interwebs. Vaknin will be answering questions and giving demos on the daily. Check the CNET Gotham pop up for a schedule.

The Gift Advice Counter:  Holiday shopping is Miles Davis cool when you know what you actually want to get. CNET will get you jazzed up with daily sets from the tech band. David Katzmaier on TV; David Carnoy on gadgets and toys; Matt Moscovciak on home theater; Lori Grunin on digi cams; Jessica Dolcourt on smartphones and Dan Ackerman on the drums … I mean tablets & smartbooks. Check the CNET Gotham pop up for a schedule.

Adobe Photo Stroll: Meet at Openhouse Gallery in the morning and tour the Nolita, SoHo, Chinatown neighborhoods with photo experts to catch that pic that’ll wow your expanding social network, parents, girlfriend, boyfriend and eventually find itself offline in a real, sturdy picture frame. Photo tours are followed up by editing instructionals to seal the deal. Check the CNET Gotham pop up for a schedule.

Professional Greeting Cards Help: Christmas pictures are always a little clunky and awkward. Take the starch out by learning how to personalize the perfect greeting card, social media profile picture. Also with Adobe. Check the CNET Gotham pop up for a schedule.

Mommy Meet Up!: Join Editor-in-Chief Lindsey Turrentine, Executive Editor Molly Wood and tech-savvy Mommy Bloggers (yeah, they’re a proper noun now) for a panel discussion. Thursday 11/10 at 11:30 am

CNET Meet & Greet Party: Party party party. Meet the CNET crew, except when they’re a bit tipsy. Dress fashionably. Thursday 11/10 at 6 pm

Nerd Nite Party + Speed Dating: Now that the world values intellectual power more than manual power, nerds are hotter than Firestorm. There’s even a term for being sexual attracted to smarts – sapiosexual. Use that one on date night and check out more details here.  Friday 11/11 at 7 pm.

CNET Glam Night: Adobe hosts a glamorous photo shoot with props.  Saturday 11/12 at 6 pm.

Sweetery NYC + Korilla BBQ: Two of the best-known food trucks in the country will be on hand serving 300 pop-up meals a day. Korilla BBQ is planning to circle around Lafayette, Prince, Spring and Crosby streets and Sweetery will be planted right outside 201 Mulberry St. Meals are complementary and the pop-up chefs are serving from 11 am-3 pm; Korilla from 11/9-11/11 and Sweetery from 11/9-11/12

Greg Spielberg | November 1 2011

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