Elizabeth St. Night Market tonight only starting at 5 pm at the corner of Kenmare

When the sun goes down, the streets of Singapore, Beijing and Hanoi give way to night markets. Bustling commercial hubs where students rub shoulders with businessmen and young mothers pass through to pick up ingredients for dinner. Now, the night market comes to New York City. This evening from 5 pm, the corner of Elizabeth + Kenmare is transformed into that hub of exotic flavor. Look for the red lanterns.

The Elizabeth St. Night Market features The Shaved Ice Shop, Lonestar Empire, Mimi + Coco’s, HK Street Cart + Justin Wan’s banh mi sandwiches. The Korilla BBQ Truck will be parked outside too, taking a break from the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race. Contemporary artist Annabel Daou will be telling you your future in an Elizabeth St. Night Market take on fortune telling.

Greg Spielberg | August 25 2011

Night Market produced by The Shaved Ice Shop + Openhouse Gallery

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