Fatboy + Park Here: All in the family

Fatboy creates the most imaginative lounge furniture around so we tapped them to furnish Park Here for the second year in a row. It’s a natural fit – plush grass and a relaxing atmosphere coupled with oversized bean bags, picnic blankets and hammocks. We’ve seen the most buttoned-up socialite and self-conscious hipster melt into a Fatboy Original. Couples hug for hours and kids use the Fatboy Points to build forts and play close-proximity hide and seek.

Fatboys aren’t a series of products, they’re a family. A bold, colorful, sympathetic, open-minded, cheekily humorous, imaginative, surprising, stylish and relaxed family. Basically The Royal Tenenbaums if Chris, Margot, Richie and Eli had turned out right instead of jaded narcissists. The family was born in 2002 when Finnish designer Jukka Setala and Dutchman Alex Bergman teamed up on the original Fatboy beanbag. Since then, The Family’s spread to more than 50 countries.

Fatboys are a staple at Openhouse Gallery’s Park Here and at other super-curated joints like Marlborough Gallery and the Smithsonian as well as uber festivals like Art Basel Miami Beach, the AMAs, Bonnaroo and Coachella. For the first time this year, TEDxSMU guests were a whole lot more comfortable with Fatboys instead of typical rigid conference seating.




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