Galerie Monnin Haiti in New York

For my first guest blog post for Openhouse Gallery, I am writing about Galerie Monnin’s second NYC show last week at Rogue Space in Chelsea that presented the works of Haiti’s leading contemporary artist, Pascale Monnin.

Pascale Monnin’s universe is a celebration created from ambivalence; the union of contradictions. A mysterious universe where angels and beasts or children and wolves reside together. The bull vibrates with all it’s horns on an inflamed canvas. A green veined woman, or perhaps a woman-garden is smothered by leaves intertwined in her ideas. The Monnin world is a world in perpetual movement, unstable inits refusal to submit to monotony. Certain themes repeat themselves, but only to further push the boundaries of the known world.

Her mobile watches over this diverse environment where tenderly savage, mischievous children are in the presence of she-wolves and dogs. Pascale’s beasts, her animals from the womb, are full of humanity. Her oneiric world is inspired from reality, a transmuted reality muted in a trance. The diversity of colors, the mixing of forms, offer thanks to the omnipresence of the artist, a window bursting with amazing creatures.

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