Gallery Gen presents: Yoshiaki Yuki and Jun-Ichi Arai at 201 Mulberry June 22-24

Gallery Gen has brought artists Yoshiaki Yuki and Jun-ichi Arai to Openhouse June 22-24 to teach us a thing or two about Japanese artistry and culture. This event is open to everyone and runs from 11am until 6pm.

The two have found an amazing way to combine Yoshiaki Yuki’s passion for calligraphic pictographs (paintings of ancient characters) and Jun-ichi Arai’s expertise in textile works.

Yuki creates visual poetry by taking familiar Japanese characters and transforming them back to their original ancient shapes. These characters are usually references to nature, like water or Sun, Yuki uses bright color pigment to add a new element to his motifs. His fourteen new paintings will be on display.

Jun-ichi Arai is a master at applying his crush-press and heat transfer techniques, which he used to imprint Yuki’s designs onto the surface of his new collection

The exhibition will take place at our 201 Mulberry location, opening Night Preview will start at 6 pm until 8pm. Saturday June 23 and Sunday June 24th are open from 11am until 6pm.

The combination of history and imagery is sure to be exceptional.





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