Gothamsmith: Old Fashioned Jewelry with a Modern Twist

Gothamsmith is a New York-based jewelry design staple that came to fruition through the vision of an interaction designer, an ethnographer, an information architect and a product designer. Pete, Daniel, Carl and Rob fused their love of priceless memories and rugged style to create jewelry for men who look to accentuate a rough exterior.

Gothamsmith - barrel charm

That was in the beginning, but what is Gothamsmith up to nowadays?

“Currently we are obsessed with time, space, and the interplay between our physical past and our digital future,” says Pete. “We love playing around with ideas, products, and experiences that mix certain benefits of modern technology with aesthetics, traditions, and stories of old.

Gothamsmith - anvil cufflinks

Aside from participating in 3DEA’s The Perfect Finish, a Post-Print Talk with Langoliers, Heidi Lee and more on Friday, December 7th, the guys at Gothamsmith are looking to experiment and develop designs as far as 3D printing technology allows them to go.

“We love how the fidelity of a 3D printed object directly relates to it’s printer used. In time, we will have a collection of objects that are somewhat time capsules all along the evolution of 3D printing,” says Pete.

Gothamsmith - mustache gordo

But, until the future arrives you can expect to “Drink, Chat and Repeat” with the fellas of Gothamsmith. If you’re wondering how a company of creative people can all possibly agree on a style or how an aesthetic can emerge from an opinion, then this will be a sit down you will not want to miss. The tales of ambition, the revelations of secret blogs and the story of how these four friends stumbled upon the world of 3D printing will be exposed during this exclusive event at the 3DEA store.

Gothamsmith - key duo


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