Halloween pop-up shops enjoying scary profits on back of you + empty Borders

Do Halloween pop ups turn a profit? Washington Post writer Danielle Douglas breaks down the experiences of shops like Jersey-based Spirit Halloween and Kentucky’s Halloween Express. One thing’s clear – though the pop up is temporary, the legwork for the pop up isn’t. “It’s a year-round effort in order to execute a two-month event,” says Steven Silverstein of Spirit Hollywood.

That effort is tapping a shiny little market. The National Retail Federation expects average Halloween spend to jump from $66.28 in 2010 to $72.3 this season. In total, the federation says Americans will shell out $6.8 billion on Ron Burgundy suits, Steve Jobs beltless pants and Katy Perry-sized fakes. Halloween Express is enjoying a 10% boost in sales, and Spirit Halloween added 100 pop-up stores in the past five years.

Just as spending is up, so is prime (and ghoulishly ugly) empty real estate. Giant concrete carcasses that used to belong to Circuit City, Linens ’n Things and Borders are ready to be possessed. Halloween Express is taking full advantage, says COO Holly Bowling.

Now that we know Halloween pop-up stores are doing just fine, how do we make sure we keep our spend lower than, say, $72.30? Daniel Vasquez of the South Folorida Sun Sentinel recommends three things:

1) Don’t be tricked into thinking that Halloween gear is only available for a hot minute. They’re overstocked and online everywhere all the time.

2) Shop around and compare prices.

3)Use a credit card to pay. If there’s an issue with a purchase, Visa or MasterCard might take your side and get your money back even if the store doesn’t want to refund you. Cause there’s nothing a credit card company likes more than siding with you!!!

Greg Spielberg | October 17 2011

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