Host Your Parties & Events at 3DEA!

When was the last time you heard someone say that they held a party or an event surrounded by 3D printers? Never! Step into the future with 3D printing at the 3DEA store located inside of the Eventi Hotel in the heart of New York City. 3DEA is the first 3D printing retail store in the world that will host your children’s birthday party, office party or event. You will have complete access to the entire store, including our Ultimaker Doodle 3D Bar, ShapeShot’s 3D scanning photobooth, and an intimate tour of the store. This exclusive package includes a professional photographer and a cleaning crew for no additional cost. For only $2500, 3DEA is perfect event space for children, family and curious minds that are fascinated with this rapidly changing world!

To throw your party, please contact!

Kids - Ultimaker Doodle 3D Bar

Little Boy & Girl - Tiny Roboti

Little Boy - Ultimaker Doodle 3D Bar

Little Boy - Finished Doodle

Birthday Party - 3DEA

Birthday Girl & Friend - 3DEA

Mother & Son - 3D Modeling

Little Girls - Ultimaker Doodle 3D Bar

Little Girls - & Designshop

Happy Girls - 3DEA

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