Incase resurrects Andy Warhol line of iPhone and Mac cases

“Is that a Warhol banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

“Well, both … “

“Thanks, I’m flattered! And happy to let you know that Incase Designs put that Warhol in your pocket. Don’t have a Warhol in your pocket? Well you can now. Incase just launched a line of Andy Warhol-inspired cases for the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pros and shoulder bags, too. Just as Apple brought style to computers and phones, Incase is bring the style to computer and phone protection.”

“K, but what are the styles?”

“There’s the arctic camo with a touch of yellow (my favorite); the classic Velvet Underground banana; his Cow Wallpaper from ’66; sweet flowers; and six dollar signs for the socially-conscious banker in all of us. Cool?”


“Good talk. See you out there.”

Openhouse invites you to check out the Andy Warhol Incase banana line
or the Andy Warhol Incase camo line
the Andy Warhol Incase cow line
Andy Warhol Incase flowers line
Warhol Incase $$$ line

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