Indoor Parks at Openhouse


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Here at Openhouse we are pretty well-versed in all things indoor park related. We’ve hosted our own events twice during the winters of 2011 and 2012, both called ‘Park Here’. We converted our all-white space into a lush green indoor park filled with trees and other good things, and held activities like wine tastings and yoga classes. Of course, we made sure there were food and drinks too!

A lot of planning and preparation goes in to transforming the space into a park, but we’ve got it nailed down to a science. Both of our events were done in the winter when people were looking for a warm place to get away from the elements. The floors were lined with grass, sprouting trees and bushes and the walls were beautifully decorated with forest murals. Discreet bird noises were played through the sound system for added ambiance.

The large open space at 201 Mulberry makes it possible to set up different areas within a generously sized indoor park. Entrance into the park was free, so we worked with various companies as sponsors to provide the food and activities. For example, Yogaworks provided the yoga classes.

The pop-up park received a huge amount of attention from the press, including the Huffington Post, Time Out New York, NY Daily News, and Business Insider. To this day we still get phone calls from members of the public asking if we have plans to put together another Park Here event, and we’d love to do it. If you’re interested in putting on an indoor park event of your own or working with us to put on some activities when we have our next Park Here, please get in touch!

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