Artisanal Crowned The Mac Daddy!

You came, you ate all the mac’n’cheese you possibly could and you voted for the one that kept you coming back for more! For the majority of you, that was Mac Daddy winner, Artisanal. Their yummy mac’n’cheese was a big hit, which was no surprise with the macaroni so creamy, made with ewephoria, dry jack, kerrygold dublier and etorki cheese. If that wasn’t enough, they added short rib marmalade to the top. Then with a little gravy and bread & parsley crumbs, their creation was complete. Ugh, we are getting hungry just writing about…you have Chef Terrance Brennan to thank for your mouth watering by the way.

All the mac’n’cheese dishes on Saturday were delicious, but each one was different then the next. Mable’s Smokehouse brought a creamy classic version of mac’n’cheese to the competition. Evoking memories of our childhoods, they used elbow pasta with creamy orange cheese. It was all about tradition here and we had no complaints. Brooklyn Mac had two types of mac’n’cheese to offer, one with American and cheddar cheese, “Kings County,” and one with smoked Gouda and bacon, “The Red Hook.” Both were baked, so think less creamy and more crispy (yum!) Needless to say their bacon filled mac’n’cheese was a big hit, as well!

Kutsher’s Tribeca served up a dish titled “Cheesy Spaetzel Kugel.” Their rendition used homemade German noodles, making it stand out from the others. Heading into the second room, you were greeted with two more restaurants. S’Mac’s “Nepoletana S’Mac” offered another creamy macaroni to the line-up and added some chopped veggies to the mix. Ending with a jam-packed mac’n’cheese, Mrs. Dorsey’s Kitchen used stuffed shells and filled them with cream cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers, topped with Parmesan and blue cheese. Last, but not least they sprinkled some Italian seasoning to finish it off. That was a crazy flavorful mac’n’cheese for sure!

Thanks to all the restaurants who participated. We were truly in mac’n’cheese heaven! And thanks to all of you who came down and ate your way through the space!

See you next time =)

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