Manhattan Pop-Ups

Openhouse is known for superbly equipped, ready-to-use pop-up spaces. Whether it’s Bowery, Mulberry or Bond, our spaces have held countless pop-up events over the last 8 years. People are full of ideas and our blank spaces are the perfect places to make those ideas come alive.

Last year Purina came to us with an idea to create New York’s first Cat Café. They needed a space where they could serve warm drinks and snacks and have a separate area for the kitties. Bowery seemed like the perfect fit- it has a dining side with a kitchen and a public event side, and isn’t too big to hold a café-style event.

Purina set up structures for cats to play around on and couches and chairs for people to relax on among them. When word got out that the Cat Café was happening, the line for entry was wrapped around the block. Because of uniqueness and the attention it was getting from people across NYC, tons of news organizations like as the New York Post, CNN, Eater, and NBC Today covered Purina’s event.

Our 201 Mulberry space has held large pop-up shops for clothing brands, furniture brands, musicians and more. For three years now, Refinery 29 has set up their pop-up holiday bazaar, Tinseltown, at the Mulberry venue. They filled the space with booths for different brands to set up shop and sell their products. They also hosted beauty workshops and included activities like a styling bar, so people could get their hair done right there on site.

The variety of activities on offer called for a large event space with some defined separation and room to create build-outs within the area, and Mulberry fits that criteria (with a location right in the heart of Manhattan too). The all-white simple walls also make it possible to create a new theme each year- the look and feel can easily be tailored to a new style each time. Tinseltown is a hit every year and people have come to associate Openhouse with Refinery 29’s Tinseltown event, calling us for the details during the holiday season.

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