Romeo + Juliet in the Twitter Age: Nerd Nite speed dating at CNET Gotham pop up

Tonight,16 guys and16 gals will get three minutes each to woo a hot, smart suitor at Nerd Nite’s speed dating as part of the CNET Gotham pop up. It’s Romeo and Juliet in the Twitter age: Short and sweet, with fluttering hearts, rapid-fire responses and the chance to turn weak ties into a neutron-strong bond. Will guys be smoother than an iPhone app or get the 404 as they rove from chair to chair sweet-talking the ladies.

The speed dating starts at 7 pm, runs for a little more than an hour and is followed by sexy presentations at 8:30 pm by sapiosexual scholars Lillian Park and Laura Duncan. The presentations are wide open to the public, and Park will give plenty of advice about how to make yourself more attractive. Too bad it’ll be after the dating’s done! (Some tips: Wear red, hang out with attractive people, don’t be the one roving – be the one sitting – during speed dating). Duncan will discuss the future intersection of tech and sex and display odes to the sexiest robots ever like Barbarella and a slew of hotties from the new Battlestar Gallactica.  “It’s good fun for the whole family,” she exclaims!

Nerd Nite speed dating CNET Gotham pop up Openhouse Gallery

An impressed young nerd keeps plenty of options open. Notes courtesy of Nerd Nite

Good fun would be listening in on the sweet nothings exchanged over hour-long speed dating, but we can’t “cause they would punch us in the face or run away crying,” says Nerd Nite boss Matt Wasowski. Wasowski knows; he’s a veteran creator of speed dating, which he hosts monthly at DUMBO’s Galapagos Art Space. The participants write down who they like, don’t like, love and lust, and the next morning, Wasowski pairs off the couples who share a crush. With its mix of speed dating, sex talks and plenty of alcohol, Nerd Nite’s exploded into 27 cities across the country without getting violent. (Austin appears to be the nerdiest) What accounts for the rise? “In the US, there are probably less than 5,000 professional athletes out of more than 210 million adults. There’s a lot more nerds than jocks,” Wasowski told Village Voice’s Araceli Cruz.

So true. Tonight, Wasowski and CNET’s Bridget Carey host Nerd Night speed dating at Openhouse Gallery. Here’s to hoping the daters get more action than just rubbing their palms together and downing a pill.

Greg Spielberg | November 11 2011

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