Nerd Nite Trivia Night! Do battle at Openhouse (and against Openhouse)

Nerd Nite’s all grown up. The beautiful-mind battles spread across multiple cities and continents – Duluth to Dublin, Hamburg to New Orleans – they’ve got a magazine now, plus they help smart kids get dates. We met co-founder Matt Wasowski at Nerd Nite Speed Dating during November’s CNET Gotham pop up. Then we chatted trivia nights with him and figured, why not do one at the park?

Thursday night, February 2, we host Nerd Nite’s Trivia Night. Simple as that. There will be a parky, naturey edge to the four-round, forty-question night, so spend some time outdoors pondering big Thoreau questions before you step into the ring. Bring a team of up to six people and compete against other smart kids from across the city. Winners get Fatboys, Built NY iPad cases, Apple gift cards and the world’s heaviest, shiniest imaginary crown. Openhouse Gallery will be fielding a team, too. Field: outdoor pun: unintentional: already thinking nature: a step ahead of you: come and prove us wrong.

Get your tickets! $10 a head starting at 8 pm.

Nerd Nite is fully endorsed by Scoutmob! Come play and you’ll get a free moustache.

Greg Spielberg | January 17 2012 | 212.334.0288




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