Nerding out in the Park: Nerd Nite Trivia with Lizzmonade and Scoutmob

Last night we had some 100+ New York’s smartest compete for the title of the biggest nerd in town. Nerd Nite trivia night gathered lots of geeks and geekettes on the plush grass of our park, picking their brains about countries with the lowest birth rate and the highest elevated trains in New York City. Winning teams got prizes from Built, Fatboy and Apple. The rest enjoyed delicious Lizzmonade and posed with Scoutmob mustaches, as true nerds should. So, the outtakes of the evening: A) There are more cute nerd girls in town than Scoutmob deals B) 17% of American women in their 20s would have sex on the first date if the chemistry’s right C) Everyone looks better with a stache.




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