NEWGRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER & Now that plush custom-made grass is for sale!

In the last days of our pop-up park, when the park birds are migrating back to the streets of New York, and the temperature outside tends to even out with Park Here weather, we want to celebrate the greenest grass in town – NewGrass. If you haven’t heard, NewGrass is an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, natural-looking, incredibly soft, incredibly safe alternative to, say, AstroTurf. (No torn ACLs!). You can find NewGrass across the country on playgrounds, parks, backyards in the arid belt, Trump Place rooftops and even at the Grammies. They’ve converted ice rinks at the Teva Mountain Games into a grass field and dressed Times Square as an urban park space. Oh, and guess who made those perfect Desperate Housewives’ lawns? Uh huh.

We had a pleasure of having NewGrass in our park for a few months, which served hundreds of babies as playground surface, thousands of people as a soft cuddle space and saved at least a dozen of dropped iPhones from breaking. Thank you NewGrass for being so good to us, and most importantly for always being green.

Photo credit: Daniel Goodman for Business Insider 



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