Next Top Makers: Business of Design w/ IDEO, NYCEDC & ChallengePost at 3DEA

A collection of intellectual minds came together on Tuesday, January 22nd for the Next Top Makers: Business of Design panel event. ChallengePost, IDEO, NYCEDC and curious makers, designers and inventors gathered at 3DEA for an informative event, surrounded by the fully operational Ultimaker, UP! and Solidoodle 3D printers. Guests were treated to complimentary food & drinks, presentations by the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Alison Hodgson, a storytelling session with IDEO’s Ashlea Powell & Ingrid Fetell and a discussion about the role of designers in 3D printing from Openhouse‘s Greg Spielberg. Before and after, guests mixed it up with good chats, smiles and catering by Num Pang.

ChallengePost checkin close-up 3DEA

Guests checked in with members of the ChallengePost team as they entered 3DEA.

Challenge Post Mixing with Guests 3DEA

A curious guest and a ChallengePost member conversing about Next Top Makers?

Guests Mixing UP! Display 3DEA

Guests chatting at the UP! Display.

Guest Mixing 3DEA

Guest observing the 3DEA store from the UP! Display table.

NYCEDC 's Miquela Craytor introduces the panelists at 3DEA. Plus, she's got an & designshop bracelet on that mic wrist.

NYCEDC ‘s Miquela Craytor introduces the panelists at 3DEA. Plus, she’s got an & designshop bracelet on that mic wrist.

Openhouse Greg presenting 3DEA

Openhouse’s Greg Spielberg kicked off the panel at the NTM: Business of Design. The main point: If you’re a designer, your value just went way, way up.

Guest super interested

Beer? Check! Food? Check! Next Top Makers: Business of Design? Check!


IDEO presenting at 3DEA

IDEO’s Ingrid Fetell (l) and Ashlea Powell broke down the elements of storytelling.


IDEO Ashlea Powell presenting II 3DEA

IDEO’s Ashlea Powell rocking the leather motorcycle jacket with the Bohemian motorcycle baby T. 

Makery Hsing Wei 3DEA

Makery’s Hsing Wei on the far right.

EDC Alison presenting + Serena smile

NYCEDC’s Alison Hodgson and ChallengePost’s Serena Pietruszka field questions about New York’s Next Top Makers Challenge.

Crowd from the side 3DEA

New York’s Next Top Makers is accepting applications until February 13.

Ultimaker guest omg 3DEA

Guests experiencing the magic of an Ultimaker 3D printer.

Ultimaker astounded guests 3DEA


Openhouse Stuart 3DEA

Clayrain’s Stuart Rentzler shares a laugh with a guest and his Tiny Roboti.

Openhouse Hilary teaching 3DEA

3DEA’s Hilary Brosnihan explains how these Ultimakers work.

Guests interested 2 3DEA

Three guests gathered around one computer to play with some of the 3D modeling software running at 3DEA.

Guest WOW 3DEA

First he was wowed by the Ultimakers and now he’s focused on something else: Next Top Makers Challenge? 3D Modeling?

Guest smiling 3DEA

All smiles at 3DEA! 🙂

Guest curious about high-end section 3DEA

Exploring the original designs from Continuum Fashion.

Challengepost duo 3DEA

A ChallengePost duo posing for the camera.

EDC Alison getting sold 3DEA

Cheers to the original coozie design.

EDC Miquela getting sold 3DEA

NYCEDC’s Miquela Craytor.

ChallengePost Serena, Arthur 3DEA

ChallengePost’s Serena Pietruszka and 3DEA’s Arthur Young-Spivey

Next Top Makers cards 3DEA

Will you be New York’s Next Top Maker?

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