NYC event space with kitchen

Good kitchen space is hard to come by in NYC, but Openhouse Gallery can offer you two different spaces to meet your events’ needs with fully functioning kitchens. Openhouse 201 Mulberry and the Bowery Station location are event spaces with kitchens to ensure that you can serve delicious food and cocktails at your event.

Our Bowery event space has a full kitchen with state of the art equipment, which allows us to host dinners, tastings and cooking demonstrations. Whether you need our space to be a banquet hall or just want to provide visitors with a light buffet, we’re set up to accommodate that. The versatile open kitchen was created from scratch by Tri-Lox and NYC based design and build company and is designed to support everything from very simple finger food to complex cooking for a sophisticated tasting event. The wood in the kitchen is from a reclaimed bowling alley and rooftop water towers. The Mulberry event space has a prep area, which is large enough for catering teams to prepare and serve food for the event. The kitchen has an industrial fridge, two mini-fridges, a convection oven, a microwave, an espresso machine, and storage space.

In the past Openhouse has held events, exhibits, and launches in spaces that used the kitchens to provide food for their guests and also hosted events that depended on the kitchens because they were all about the food. Bon Appetite, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Zero Degree are just a few of our clients who have utilized our fully equipped cooking areas.

Whether you’re hosting a cocktail event, a cooking class, or a full blow dinner party with a 12 course tasting menu, your event can be elevated with freshly prepared food by you or your caterers in our full kitchens at Openhouse.

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