NYC Experiential Marketing

Traditional marketing is all sell and dandy, but an awesome way to get people to know your brand, company or product better is to let them experience it. That is what we at Openhouse are all about: experiential marketing in NYC.

Depending on which one of our spaces best suits your needs, they are the perfect venues for –experiential marketing. Because the spaces are bare and all white, they are easy to transform to reflect your brands vibe. Our 201 Mulberry and 168 Bowery spaces, both different from each other in size and feel, are designed for easy setup and breakdown . Both the Mulberry and Bowery spaces are located in the Nolita area, close to SoHo and Little Italy, making the foot traffic high if you are looking to have the public stop by.

We’ve held countless experiential marketing events at our spaces in the form of pop-ups. Clients rent the space for short-term periods, set up the venue to reflect their brand and give people a chance to experience with as many senses as possible, what they do and who they are. Then as easily as the popped up, the pack everything up and load out when it’s over.

Previous clients who have come to Openhouse for their venture into experiential marketing in the form of pop-ups at our spaces are Puma, Showtime, Motorola, Pepsi and Refinery 29. There is no better way to have people remember your brand than to let them experience it, so give us a call and let us help with your experiential marketing in NYC.

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