NYC Fashion Showroom

Openhouse has got two locations for you to choose from for your next fashion showroom. Depending on your size preference and brand message, one will sure be a  fit for your event!

With the 4,500 square feet at your disposable, the 201 Mulberry venue offers plenty of space to showcase clothes, shoes and accessories for your guests, without feeling cramped. The spaces five skylights, allowing natural light to shine through, don’t hurt either. Between the spaces landing area, grand room, back room and prep area, you showroom can be divided in any way you’d like to organize your products. We’ve even had previous clients build out their own structures with walls within in the space.

If you are looking for something more low-key and intimate, the 168 Bowery space is the one for your fashion showroom. Half café, half all-white event space, the Bowery space allows your to serve some treats, while also providing a 1,200 sq ft space for your showroom.

If you want passer byers to be able to view your fashion showroom, the all glass facades at both spaces allow for a great display. If your prefer privacy, the glass can easily be covered to keep everything very hush-hush.

The spaces also accommodate any special lighting needs, with the track lighting running throughout them, giving you  the ability to customize the light. Need a spotlight? Done. Want to dim the lighting for a darker look? Easy. You can also augment the track with your own lighting if need be!

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