NYC Loft Event Space

Our all-white NYC loft event space is located on 201 Mulberry, itching to house your next event, whatever it may be. This is high ceilinged all-white loft space can easily be converted to look the way you want it to. The loft space has 16” ceilings, 20” facade and five massive skylights, giving it open and unique feel. Your guests will never feel cramped and closed in here.

We’ve set up our loft space with all the event essentials. You’ve got your track lighting set up throughout the space, so you’ll be able to adjust the lighting however you’d like and wherever in the space you’d like.  If you’d like to further customize the loft, all the walls, ceilings and floors are painted white, so can use our two HD projectors to display logos, photos, art or any other media on our walls. And what event is complete without some jams? Our NYC event space is equipped with our wireless surround-sound Sonos system so you can play your own playlists.

Whatever type of event you plan on having at the 201 Mulberry loft event space, it’s possible. Since we began hosting events at this venue eight years ago, we have seen it work for a large variety of clients. With our gallery hanging system, art can easily be hung on display. The kitchenette space allows clients to bring in caterers so their cocktail parties can have some food action going on.

Bring us your event plans and we will let you know how it’ll work in our NYC loft space. 

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