NYC Popup Storefront

We at Openhouse are the people to see about your next NYC popup storefront. We’ve been hosting and producing pop ups since Openhouse was born in 2007. Since then we’ve held thousands of popups and produced some ourselves too! Our NYC spaces, located on 201 Mulberry and 168 Bowery are ideal as popup storefronts. They are both blank canvases, allowing you to turn the spaces into any type of popup you want.

If you are looking to incorporate food into your popup shop or want to host a straight up pop up restaurant, we’ve got the storefront for you. Our 168 bowery storefront is a 2,000 sq foot street level space with a full restaurant grade kitchen. If you are looking for something larger, our 201 Mulberry space has a kitchenette, perfect for preparing quick meals and snacks. Some food related clients we’ve worked with that have taken up residence in our spaces are Blue Bottle Coffee, Young’s, Beetlebung Farm and Purina (they hosted famous the “Cat Cafe”).

Both spaces live on busy streets, which are often heavy on the tourists. Being close to SoHo and Little Italy brings a lot of foot traffic into popup shops. These NYC popup storefronts both have glass facades, giving you tons of sunlight, as well as space to advertise and draw people in.

One pop-up we’ve produced and held at our space ourselves is Park Here, a pop-up indoor park in January of 2012 and 2013? For a few weeks we transformed the 201 Mulberry space into a park for the public, giving New Yorkers a place to escape the chilly weather.

Over here at Openhouse we’ve been planning, hosting and booking popup store events for eight years, so come to us with any popup ideas you have and we’ll hook you up with a pop up storefront in NYC.

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