Thrillist Editors take FlyKly for a ride. CBS New York features Openhouse Gallery. PopUpNewYork + NearSay do too

From Midtown media to downtown culture guides, Openhouse Gallery has been popping up in the press like a rabbit in a lettuce patch. Often and with gusto. This past week, CBS New York, PopUpNewYork, Thrillist and NearSay have paid homage to our pop-up space at 19 Kenmare + Elizabeth. That’s where FlyKly, the 100% electric bicycle is turning transportation green and The Shaved Ice Shop is coloring tongues with a rainbow of flavors.¬†Openhouse Gallery’s pop up on the corner is like a venture capital firm, except we give startups and small businesses exposure instead of cash. Check out some of the recent stories about the FlyKly and Shaved Ice Shop pop-up at 19 Kenmare + Elizabeth streets in Nolita.

Thrillist: Electric Cycles Hit Nolita by the Thrillisters
CBS New York: NYC’s 4 Best Summer Pop-Up Shops by Julie Parise
NearSay: New Eco-Friendly Bike in Nolita by Emily Roland
PopUpNewYork: Openhouse Gallery BIG POP UP! by Meagan Brauer

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Greg Spielberg | July 8 2011


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