The Park Here soundtrack takes shape. Contribute your favorite nature tunes!

Former Openhouse director Whitney Shanks is now designing it up at ICRAVE, but she’s also finding time to help build Park Here 2012. This year, the pop-up park will be a recreation of lush, colorful Central Park in Spring. That means beautifully budding foliage, vibrant fountains and wrought-iron tables to hang out from. Park Here 2012 will also have its own soundtrack, which Whitney is curating. Check out the park playlist, and if you feel like we’ve missed some great natural tunes, recommend your own in the comments or to

From the album 120 Nature Sounds: Various Wild Bird Songs, Active Morning Birds in a Grove of Trees, Calming Summer Afternoon in the Country, Midday Forest Sounds, Tranquil Country Birdsong Naturescape, Birds in a Small Forest Clearing.

From the album Nature Sounds: Country Garden, Beautiful Bird Song, Wildlife and Nature Sounds.

From the album 101 Nature Sounds: City Park in the Afternoon, Daytime Bird Chatter in a Forest, Bird Call of the Lark Sparrow, Country Meadow Surrounded by Forest.

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