Park Here, the indoor pop-up park, wins 1st place for best event concept at BizBash

Well hot damn, Openhouse Gallery just won first place at the BizBash awards at the Javitz Center. Park Here, the indoor pop-up park we built last year, attracted 50,000 visitors, global press and the jury nod for Best Corporate or Association Event Concept with a budget less than $50,000. The Openhouse team is super psyched about the award and even more delighted that we’re bringing Park Here back starting December 5.

Some of our favorite BizBash award winners are YouTube for its groundbreaking Guggenheim exhibit and XA for the very cool outdoor TV screenings on the Hudson River. Check out all the BizBash New York Event Style Award winners including AOL, HBO, Piaget and Shiraz Events.

[Photo of Whitney Shanks, former Openhouser, who’s now at ICRAVE design firm in Manhattan and spearheaded Park Here.]

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