Patrick Proctor’s GridMusic lets guests make the music + the art. Come reinvent space

Patrick Proctor is a London School of Economics and Oberlin College grad so you know his art’s gonna be cerebral. “When you have a piece of music, who’s in charge of it,” Proctor asks. In this case, it’ll be the guests of GridMusic, tonight’s show at Openhouse Gallery from 7-10 pm. Proctor’s installation records the sound in the room and then visualizes it across Proctor’s home-made grid. “What I’m trying to do is contrast the static idea of the structure of the space with the dynamic aspect of the space and the people in the space,” he says. Do the math, kid. If there’s an open bar on one side of the space and a bare wall on the other side, his grid will show that.

GridMusic is part of the New York-based artist’s thesis for the Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program. Three degrees for Proctor and three audio shows tonight that will change the way you look at a room. Video cameras will capture real-time images, and you create the sound.

Greg Spielberg | May 15, 2011

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