A look at those beautiful bike racks popping up in Washington D.C.

Ride a bike to make the city experience more beautiful, independent, quiet and peaceful. Use a bike rack to make the city more beautiful and help small businesses expand their brand onto the sidewalk. That’s what the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District, D.C. Department of Transportation, D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities in Washington D.C are doing in the nation’s capital. DC DOT’s GoDCgo lets businesses design custom bike racks for $500-$1500 (+ free installation) that make the sidewalks prettier and the brand’s footprint more unique. As of today, there are 350 in the city. Read more by DCist’s Martin Austermuhle here. Check out the specifics about GoDCgo’s BikeBrand Your Biz. Photos by Martin Austermuhle and Golden Triangle BID.

Chinatown pop-up bike rack as part of GoDCgo DC Department of Transportation

A custom Chinatown bike rack, part of the D.C. Department of Transportation’s GoDCgo initiative.

Dupont Metro Circle pop-up bike rack as part of GoDCgo DC Department of Transportation

An excellent bike rack at Dupont Metro Circle in D.C.

Filter coffeeshop pop-up bike rack as part of GoDCgo DC Department of Transportation

GoDCgo’s initiative lets businesses expand their brand into the sidewalk. Filter coffee shop’s French press rack.

Filter's bike rack is a cup of coffee with steam

From the French press to the cup of coffee. Soon, bike racks will be serving to-go portions for rush-hour bikers.

Peregrine Espresso's bike rack

Peregrine Espresso’s bike rack. Sleek Euro feel that keeps your bike company even when it’s alone.

Golden Triangle via Gold Triangle BID bike rack

The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District getting quite whimsical with its bike rack.

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