BIG POP UP: Fridge mountain’s pop-up cinema, a wave of pop-up chapels + a $400 lunch

Reviving Fridge Mountain through a pop-up cinema
Before England decided it needed to host yet another summer Olympics – 2012 will be Great Britain’s third – there was an empty London lot with a mountain of refrigerators. Fridge Mountain was the largest in all of Europe, and likely the world. Then the Olympic development started, the fridges got trashed and a youthful generation pined wistfully for the good old days. Then they went retro and brought the old days back to East London.

Films on Fridges and two dozen partners are paying tribute to Fridge Mountain and the Olympics with a fortnight of sports flicks. Located right next to the Olympic stadium, Films on Fridges raised more than $6,000 on Kickstarter and has sold out most of its movies already. We missed the Rocky screening, but there are plenty more classics – from Escape to Victory to Cool Runnings (to Pumping Iron featuring Arnold). Read more from Safraz Manzoor of the Guardian or Emma Hutchings at PSFK.

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Pop-Up Chapel with the knot + architizer

Two officiants of Saturday's gay weddings in Central Park under the Z-A Studios-built KISS chapel. Photo by Farmboyz.

Without a denominational church, pop-up chapels will flourish
The wave of pop-up gay wedding chapels got its start in Central Park this weekend as Pop-Up Chapel, the knot and Architizer hosted 24 couples. Without a religious denomination that’ll embrace gay marriage, pop-up chapels will ride America from coast to coast. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of innovative designs pop up for a community that’s been marriage-less for millennia. Also look forward to seeing which academic applies for a grant to study marriage length of gay weddings at a pop-up chapel. Amen.  Check out a pop-up wedding video by Amanda Farinacci at NY1.

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Thomas Keller French Laundry Harrods pop-up

Starting Oct. 1, Thomas Keller is bringing French Laundry to Harrods in London. Photo by Chris Ratcliffe at Bloomberg.

Spend 250 pounds to gain a few at Thomas Keller’s pop-up French Laundry in London’s Harrods
For 10 days in October, the London department store Harrods is hosting a pop-up version of Thomas Keller’s French Laundry. Bloomberg’s Richard Vines reports that Keller is bringing more than a dozen staff members from Cali to Knightsbridge, England for the 70-seat pop-up restaurant. Lunches and dinners will have nine courses and be priced at $400. Just in time for Americans to imitate their government and go into debt in order to pursue international opportunities! If you’re game, reservations open a month from today. Read more of Vines’ story at Bloomberg.

10/2 update: London Evening Standard’s Fay Maschler calls Harrod’s food “sublime” but says the imported radishes “surely” have “the biggest carbon footprint for an eentsy vegetable ever recorded.” Read more from Kerstin Kuhn at Caterer Search.

Greg Spielberg | August 1 2011

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