PROJECT/ion presents Urban Dreams at Bowery Station

PROJECT/ion presents Urban Dreams, a series of video projections on the screens of The Old Bowery Station, where four artists – Daniel Askill, Joe Hamilton, Rafael Rozendaal and Ken Solomon – digitally explore the meaning of urban landscapes and chromatic dreams. Daniel Askill will present the video work We have decided not to die,  a modern day, allegorical triptych where three urban figures undergo transformation through three rituals. Ken Solomon will show the video Love Letter, where a character played by the artist is seen walking in the street through numerous frames, each frame wiping off the screen. Joe Hamilton’s works – Trouble in Utopia and Survey – present a disorientating hyper-reality in which what is reality and fiction are seamlessly blended together. Rafael Rozendaal will present the video works Stagnation means decline and Valavanti. Curated by Mark Brown and Laetitia Lina.


May 7: Daniel Askill

May 8: Ken Solomon

May 9: Rafael Rozendaal

May 10: Joe Hamilton

6 pm to 6 am everyday


For further information please contact us: / +1(0) 347 754 1886

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