PROJECT/ion Projection Art


PROJECT/ion presents a new series of digital films and animations, which draw their inspiration from Optical Art, technology and computer animations. British artist Doug Foster produces large-scale digital film installations that play with symmetry and exploit the eye’s susceptibility to illusion. Islands of the Blessed and Dark Place are two video works that similarly aspire to emotionally capture the viewer in a mesmerizing virtual reality. American artist and mathematician Adam Alexander creates digital art animations, which challenge and confound the human gaze. He has long been fascinated by the intricacy of our visual system and here presents an impressive inventory of illusions and animated textures.
Curated by Laetitia Lina,
Jul 8 to 12: Doug Foster, Dark Place
Jul 15 to 19: Doug Foster, Islands of the blessed
Jul 22 to 26: Adam Alexander, Brush, Solar
Jul 29 to Aug 2: Adam Alexander, Mathematical Geology, Frenzy, Triangle
9 pm to 6 am

 For further information please contact us: / +1(0) 347 754 1886


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